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Studio & Recording Services for Singer/Songwriters


Production of Original Songs

If you have an original song, which can be anything from a sheet of words, to something you can sing from start to finish, to a complete arrangement you can play on an instrument, we have experience in helping you get that idea turned into a CD you can be proud of. We can help with the lyrics, melody, chords, arrangement, through to the final CD including the CD face design.

Whatever you have, we can tweak, what you don't have, we can provide.

You don't need to be able to play an instrument.
In fact, if you can't sing and you have a passion to record a song you've written, we can even provide a wide range of singers - although this may involve a small additional cost, negotiable with the singers.

Finally, if you want to record an original song but don't have one, get in touch. We may well be able to source one for you. As well as in house writing we have access to the work of other writers, some of whom have had top ten chart success.