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Mastering Services


We do not offer a set price for “fixing” tracks we have not yet heard as we do not know what is “broken” about them and so before we can quote you we would need to hear the tracks and you would need to give us a good indication of what you are looking for from them.

We treat each track individually and do not use some mastering preset on a one stop mastering rack mount unit or quick fix “do everything” mastering plug in. We can indeed “make it sound really loud”. We’d much rather make it sound really good

The term “mastering” is often misunderstood and misrepresented. Although it does include putting that final polished, commercial CD sound to an individual track, it can also mean putting a collection of tracks together in a way that sounds coherent and flows like a great live concert would. This includes not just the sound of the tracks but their related levels, their order and the length of the gaps between tracks.

We can and are happy to both “master” individual tracks but we are also happy to help turn your collection of songs into a finished album or EP.

    Thanks to a combination of:-
  1. The great acoustics of our control room (24 Acoustics (www.24acoustics.co.uk) have tested of control room and rated it as mastering quality)
  2. Great monitors (massive Genelec 1038A’s, famous for their honesty and Avantone Cubes to hear your mixes as Lo-Fi)
  3. Extensive high end mastering tools (TC MD3 and Brickwall, Sony Inflator, Waves L3-16, UAD Precision Series and more)
  4. Years of experience (we have always mastered the tracks we record here, inclusive in the price, and will continue to do so)

- HL Studios is a sensible choice for mastering your music.