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Studio & Recording Services for Live Bands


Live bands present their own challenges to record. We are often asked by worried bands, whether each member will have to be recorded separately, or whether the band can play together.
The answer is yes. Both.
We try to be flexible and record however is necessary to get the project done the best way it can be, but as a rule, the band will set up to play all together, with the drummer in the main live room, the bass player recording through our valve pre-amp/compressor in the control room and the guitars either direct in the control room or mic’d in the second live room if needed. The vocals are done in the control room as a guide.
This means the band can create a “feel” that the drummer and hopefully the bass player can respond to and get a great take or takes. After all drums and bass are done, guitars are overdubbed if needed, in the main live room and lastly vocals redone to perfection in the ideal acoustic environment of our main live room, through our Nuemann mic and Focusrite pre amp.

We have plenty of mics for recording the kit, including the usual classics like SM57s for the snare, condensers for overheads and hi hats, a full set of sennheiser tom mics and a dedicated kick drum mic and sub mic.

We have so far also recorded live flute, violin, cello, mini gospel choirs. If you have something we have not yet recorded…
Great, we love a challenge


For guitarists, while we are equipped and happy to record guitars through amps in the time honoured manner, we have invested a considerable amount of money and effort into the cream of guitar amp simulators (Waves GTR3 including three separate Paul Reed Smith guitar input boxes, IK Multimedia Amplitube 3 and N.I. Guitar Rig 3 as well as Logic’s own Guitar Amp Pro) and an increasing number of guitarist are finding that these give them better amp sounds than their amps can! The short version is all options are available to try.
Bass guitars seem to work a treat through either the Drawmer 1960 valve  compressor/instrument input or the Waves Paul Reed Smith guitar input boxes, but either way, once in the Ampex Amp plug in has been huge favourite with bass players to craft their sound.

Please click here to hear audio examples of live band recordings in our studio