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Studio & Recording Services for Cover Versions (vocal sessions)


Please click here to hear audio examples of cover versions recorded in our studio

Want a CD of you singing your favourite song? Know someone who does and you want to make their dream come true?

The studio engineer here spends half his week in the studio and half as one of the South's most successful singing coaches.

Who better to get the best possible vocal performance from a singer onto a CD?

With 8 years of experience offering friendly but practical coaching on vocal technique, combined with 22 years as a professional singer and 20 years working with studio technology, this is one area where other studios simply cannot compete.

No one can make the tone deaf sound like Christina Aguilera or George Michael but we can make you sound the best you possibly can.

By the way… all those years of experience…they run concurrently, not one after the other. He's not old enough to have worked 50 years total!