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What people have to say about HL Studios

Yazz – legendary singer of The Only Way Is Up – world wide number one smash for six weeks:
“I loved this sanctuary...I loved its vibe...maybe its because Gareth is so passionate for his work and the artist...he gives way over 100% and its so cool because passion and giving leads to a great work and a contentedness irrespective of your budget” Read More

Mark Hill – 4 time Ivor Novello songwriting Award winner, producer of  multiplatinum Craig David album “Born To Do It”, Artful Dodger and Corrine Bailey Rae.
"It was seeing and hearing what could be done at HL Studios that convinced me to have Gareth update my studio set up to match, and to move over to Logic Pro software. As a result, I'm now so comfortable at HL Studios that it's my studio of choice for recording when I'm in the UK. I've brought in successful singers and writers that have worked in top studios and they always comment on how great the set up is there." Read More

Rob Sawyer – Songwriter, keyboard player and man behind the “Keeled Skimmer” project.
“HL Studios did a great job which apart from anything else was thoroughly enjoyable too - an absolutely great laugh - I can't recommend it highly enough - well done Mr H!!!" Read More

Lilli Warner – Singer/Songwriter
“In my own experience at HL Studios, whether I've arrived with fully written lyrics & strong ideas on how the song should sound, or whether my ideas have just been jotted down roughly, on every occasion I have walked away with a song that I love.
Gareth's wicked sense of humour & exquisite attention to detail make working with him an absolute pleasure & I look forward to visiting HL Studios again soon." Read More

Ken Russell – Legendary Film and TV Director (Tommy, Gothic, Women In Love, Billion Dollar Brain)
“You were beyond amazing and we were (are) more than happy with your work.  You made it so easy and fun.  You are gifted! We will tell people, and we'll definitely be signing up with you again.
Thanks for everything.”


Maria – first time studio singer
“Gareth, just wanted to say a big Thank you for such a great day last Friday. I really had a fabulous time and am thrilled with my CD! I enjoyed every minute. A great way to remember my 40th!”

Naomi – first time studio singer
“Thank you so much for a really enjoyable day on Saturday. I really enjoyed the whole experience.
I’m hoping to see you again around Christmas -  if you can put up with me again! J”

Daniel -  first time singer/songwriter
“When I decided I wanted to write a song, I went straight to Gareth from HL Studios. He helped me write the song, and gave me a lot of ideas of how to improve my song writing skills. In the studio, we created the backing track from scratch and Gareth did a lot of work to make the song sound perfect. I then recorded my vocals with excellent coaching from Gareth and created the song. I had a great time at HL Studios and I would recommend it to everyone. “

Jaimes – first time songwriter and singer
“Many thanks for your hard work. Looking forward to producing more songs in the future”

4Tune –  Highly regarded 4 piece vocal act and X Factor finalists
“Hey G Man, Thank you very much for all the time and effort you’ve put in to try and help us achieve our goals. You have been a big part of 4Tune and hopefully we’ll be able to celebrate our success together”

Tim Ames (www.timames.co.uk) Live performer and purveyor of quality Cheese!
(taken from his “Quelle Fromage” CD:- “Thanks to Gareth for advice, help, support (both technical and emotional), spiritual enlightenment and coffee. Lunch, apparently was not included. If you want to record something you could do a lot worse than get in touch with him at www.hlstudios.co.uk, but remember to take sandwiches!”