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Client Audio Examples - Live Bands
all files are mp3 format  
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Yazz Yazz (feat. Live Band)  
Legendary singer of smash hit “The Only Way is Up”
Godsend Godsend
Tori Amos meets Kate Bush and they both join the B-52's.....kinda.
Third Wish Third Wish
Indie/Punk band
Unwritten Ending Unwritten Ending
Young Indie Rock band from Ringwood
Loaded Dice Loaded Dice
The 80's meets the 00's. Drummer seeks 2nd hand Gorilla Suit.
keeled skimmer Keeled Skimmer
One man's "grand" day out in the studio with three session musicians and two singers.  

Throwing Paper Aeroplanes Throwing Paper Aeroplanes  
Punk/Pop from the wrong side of Salisbury.
Macawber Micawber  
Sweet guitars, sweeter harmonies and tunes as charming as the fellas themselves.  
All the Kings Men All the Kings Men  
Christian Rock. Holds it's value longer than Northern Rock anyway!  
Vinyl 78 Vinyl 78  
Great tunes, wicked vocals, shame they split up really.  
hardly heros Hardly Heros  
Portsmouth's Pop/Punk Princes