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Artists - Yazz
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by Yazz:  
Running Back To You
Look To Me
Strength To Carry On
Love Creation
Amazing Grace (A Capella)
Daily Bread
Joy in the Morning


It's been a while since Yazz topped charts in this country and around the world for six weeks with "The Only Way Is Up" but it's hard to find anyone over 12 who doesn't remember it.
"Running Back To You" is her first album in many years and we are proud she choose to record this soulful, diverse collection of classy tunes here at HL Studios, even though it meant commuting here from her home in Spain for a period of many weeks.
Below is what Yazz had to say about working at HL Studios:

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"In March 2007, I found, through a good friend, HL Studios in the UK. I had been looking for a small studio not only with the latest state of the art equipment but the right vibe...
I met its owner and engineer Gareth Henderson and he was just so relaxed and unpretentious and I liked that straight off! He really listened to my concept and seemed passionate to listen to the demos. My situation was a little complicated as I don't live in the UK and wasn't able to record every week. Gareth was great and suggested technical ways around me being in Spain and being connected to the studio. He uses the Apple Mac computer and Logic Pro recording software which he knows inside out!..his technical understanding is second to none!. The studio is spacious and contains the best coffee and hot chocolate machine ever! Its local to stores and so has easy access for the "gotta go out and walk" part of the recording process!

My project was quite eclectic in its sounds from Jazz to Soft Soul and even an African track and G helped me get an excellent contemporary feel on each track brilliantly. G is constantly updating   his studio (whilst I was there he bought 2 Genelec 1038A speakers which he hung upside down - yeah he did!) and man do they rock! They make for a fantastic bass and mid and all round sound. In fact his experience in recording and arranging was so high that I have credited him as Co-producer of my new album because of his generous input to my recording experience at HL Studios.

I loved this sanctuary...I loved its vibe...maybe its because Gareth is so passionate for his work and the artist...he gives way over 100% and its so cool because passion and giving leads to a great work and a contentedness irrespective of your budget"