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Artists - Tim Ames
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Tim Ames


by Time Ames:  
Ain't That A Kick
It Had To Be You
Mack The Knife
Bring Me Sunshine
Portrait Of My Love
I Left My Heart


Tim Ames entertains in venue across the south. He has been incorporating comedy in his live shows since just after he realised people were laughing at his act anyway!
Here is what he had to say about HL Studios:

(taken from his Quelle Fromage CD:-
Thanks to Gareth for advice, help, support (both technical and emotional), spiritual enlightenment and coffee. Lunch, apparently was not included. If you want to record something you could do a lot worse than get in touch with him at www.hlstudios.co.uk , but remember to take sandwiches!


Read Read more about Tim Ames and find contact details on his webpage