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Artists - Mark Hill
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Mark Hill

by Mark Hill:  
Still Waiting (feat. Katie Holmes)
Can't Be Friends (feat. Shean Williams)
Over (Feat. Kelly Marie Smith)


Mark Hill is the winner of four Ivor Novello awards, producer of albums that have sold in excess of 12 million copies and has a caffeine habit that can only be topped by Gareth Henderson.
As half of the original Artful Dodger and songwriting partner and producer of Craig David, Mark knows a thing or two about music and studios, so HL Studios are pleased that Mark has choosen us as the place to work on his forthcoming album, featuring collaborations with a host of successful singers and songwriters. Here is what Mark had to say about HL Studios:

"It was seeing and hearing what could be done at HL Studios that convinced me to have Gareth update my studio set up to match, and to move over to Logic Pro software. As a result, I'm now so comfortable at HL Studios that it's my studio of choice for recording when I'm in the UK. I've brought in successful singers and writers that have worked in top studios and they always comment on how great the set up is there."

Read more about Mark on his MySpace page


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